Thursday, January 5, 2012

First 2012 night of drink and draw

Second Drink 'n' Draw of 2012 and we made it to our first one of the year! We hope to go pretty much every week. It is fun and the people sure are nice. So some of the following are from Drink 'n' Draw. FYI, Pike Place Kilt Lifter (Scottish Ale).
Weird doodle of something during Drink 'n' Draw. I used to draw stuff like this all the time (using ballpoint pen in my class notes). Maybe I will do some high school posts so I can review them and get inspired. I cut them out and kept them. I just need to find where they are stored.
Last drawing in my sketch pad. This is the first sketch pad I had to buy since I started using them again. I had a bunch of partially finished ones from high school that I finally finished a few months ago and now I have another complete one already!
I finally found the photo of the aerialist painting I did for my brother, Isaac, so I wanted to do another drawing. Found this on google search. I actually did this one on Tuesday.
This is the first drawing I completed at Drink 'n' Draw last night. I started others and did some character sketches, but the sketches were in pencil and our scanner is too lame to catch pencil now. We really need to get a new one. Anyways, this is practice for a story I am going to do soon. I don't know if this is what the character will look like. His head reminds me of Roka in Runners and I feel like I am ripping him off everytime I look at him. But when I actually compare, they are pretty different.
And this was the first drawing I started at Drink 'n' Draw. But I didn't like the original golem - he looked like the purple McDonald's guy. So I did some practice and came back to this.
These inks, except the rabbit guy, are all done using those great ink brushes Abe got me for Xmas. I am loving it. Really.

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