Sunday, January 29, 2012


I was so tired this weekend! I didn't get my ususal sleep-ins last weekend because of the awesome Sumi Crinkle Masa class, but I caught back up this weekend.
I was having a bit of fan freak a bit ago for Amy Farrah Fowler and Liz Lemon. They are pretty awesome.
This was a fun one. I like doing these funny superhero comic things.
I was watching Star Trek and drew this. I thought it was funny until I started inking it. Then Abe came home and he thought it was funny, too.
Batman can be such a jerk.
That should be a red dot that Catwoman is playing with. But I am too lazy to color it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Batman.

We missed Drink and Draw last week because of the snow but were right back in there tonight. Unfortunately, I am on antibiotics for a sinus infection so I couldn't have any beer. :( And I really could have used it. I am swamped at work. Anyways, here is what I drew last night. I think these are pretty much reverse order in which I drew them. I also stopped by Fred Meyer to get a note book just for Drink and Draw nights. Because I like to organize my drawing pads by where I use them. Weird?
I am practicing my Platypus skills. Abe has a shirt and a story he wants with a platypus (completely separate ideas). The story might include an echidna buddy, which is the fella doing the fist pump on the right.
 More practice of the Platypus. One of the drawings might involve hair, so I though I would practice. I am not great at hair. I really need to practice that.
I had a bit of Batman fun.
For some reason, they were talking about using waffles as tortillas to wrap other foods in. So this guy ended up wanting one too.
This is not a great Superman.
Wonder Woman wearing Spanx to try and look good would probably make it hard to run as it crushes her guts.
Best Batman I have ever drawn. I drew this before the one on the trampoline.
Aquaman. Lazy bastard.

Phew. At the last minute, I realized I almost posted this on Ink Tub instead of here.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mom's cats

I went up to my mom's this weekend to take an art workshop on Sumi Crinkle Masa with Shiela Sondik. Pretty awesome. I will post more about that later. We also started Ink Tub where my mom and I will each post an ink drawing each week.

It was a 2-day workshop so Saturday night while mom was busy working I drew her cats.
Curry, a calico ragdoll cat? She's gigantic. I think she is as big as Nisa. She was in a bad mood that weekend for some reason.
Kickens, the old lady. She was Isaac's cat but he moved out and she stayed, as it goes. I once threw up on the fireplace from eating too much raw cookie dough. Only time I remember projectile vomiting. Pretty impressive and disgusting.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Weather Walking Wear

This is really a combination of what I wore a few years ago when we walked the dogs in massive snow and this winter's 2 days of snow.

This was totally inspired by last night's "The Office."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brush Try-out

Still so much snow. I haven't been to work all week (though I can fortunately work from home). Today we had freezing rain until there was a quarter inch or so of ice over the existing 3 inches of snow and another 2 inches of snow after. Stopped snowing a while ago, but has now started again. On the bright side, my head is so plugged every keystroke feels like a drum in my head and Nisa won't stop barking at the loud neighbors.
In fact, here is a video of Ernie chasing a Frisbee in the snow. He is adorable. He even brought it back in the house with him because he was having so much fun. Abe had to throw and take the video because I don't know how to use his camera and I am the worst at throwing a Frisbee. As Abe now knows.
Anyways, I decided to try a brush for this character and have decided to stick with the pens.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Bit of Batwoman

Yay! Finally snowed in Seattle. I had to work from home today. Boy am I glad I did. I thought about driving, but Abe posted some pictures of the snow on his blog so you can see it is a good thing I did not.

Batwoman Leaps by ~lunavalse on deviantART
Batwoman was for the End of year sketch challenge at Ten Ton Studios. You can vote tomorrow. If you draw, you have until tonight to enter. If you win, you get all the drawings! I hope I win. I like my drawing. Fortunately, Abe got a bunch of pictures of it. I pic hard colors to duplicate on screen though.
I think this is understood. But I did color it with Copic markers.
I really like Power Girl: Bomb Squad, but that is about it. She is funny and sarcastic and pulls all sorts of ugly faces, like when she is getting punched. Great stuff. Great artist. But because of the New 52, it is no more. Boo.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ballooning away

A bit of watercolor I did over the weekend. The drawing didn't turn out the way I wanted and I shouldn't have chosen brown pants, but other than that it is fine...
Some practice drawings of Abe cartoons. To go with the one of me.
I think I am going to use this one but I will change the legs like the one on the top.
Practice of the dogs as cartoons. I think they turned out well. Ernie's based on a sausage, hence the tail. He was pretty fat a year ago and was nicknamed Sausage by our neighbors. He has lost a bunch of weight now.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Golden Gardens in the snow

It snowed today so Abe and I went to Golden Gardens so he could take pictures and I could sketch. Since he is enjoying the photos so much, I am looking forward to doing this more often this summer.
This is actually the second picture I drew at Golden Gardens. I stayed in the car and Abe went under a shelter for BBQs. But it was snowing so the windows were covered in water and I fog up windows really quickly. This one is actually inked.
This image is in pencil. We were both in the car and Abe took a bunch of pictures of seagulls and seagulls puffed up in the cold.
Finally, some more practice. I might turn the balloon one into a painting or something. The acorn squash one is wear I spilled some of the filling from my acorn squash dinner. These are really fun to draw. I can't wait to do more.
FYI, the snow had stopped by the time we left Golden Gardens and was nearly gone when we left Tin Tin. Which was an okay movie but it was the loudest audience I have ever sat with. I almost left. And it was just bags rustling, people chatting "quietly," and chewing with their mouths open. I almost couldn't keep myself from shouting "Shut Up!" a few times. Idiots.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Platypus Zorro

We went to Drink n' Draw again last night. Very fun. 
This was from the night of Drink 'n' Draw, but not from being there. I drew this when we got home. From Tiny Owl Knits again, this is a fake tiny fox stole!
Abe requested a platypus Zorro so I drew this at the thing last night. I was having a hard time getting inspired last night. Sigh.
This was the first thing I doodled at Drink 'n' Draw last night. Started looking more like a Boston Terrier and turned more into a slug.
Practice for a comic I might do. Actually, I did do one tonight. I guess I can admit it is auto bio, but I am not sure if it is something I will actually put up. I will play with it for a while and see how it goes. After looking at these, I think I kind of look like a librarian. I think it is the glasses/cardigan combo.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Deergirl I drew from this hat. Oh yeah. And if you knit, there is a pattern for that. I will be making that at some point in the future.
Some bad fan art I drew of Sherlock and Watson. blerg. I also ran out of time to finish Holme's vest thing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Meteorite Life

A Meteorite Life by ~lunavalse on deviantART
And here is the comic. I really messed up my desk doing this. There is ink everywhere!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Me love Octopus Pie

Lately all I can think is how much I want another Octopus Pie book to come out so I can consume it. I know I can read all new comics on the website, but I love the books. The previous two were tactilely wonderful. I loved the ink choices. I love waiting for the books; even when I went to the site to check the URL, I averted mine eyes from the comic on the home page. But I need me a fix, so I guess I will re-read the books I have. And if you haven't read Octopus Pie yet, go do it! Also, I wanted to finish this comic drawing so bad I actually stayed up and watched some of Whitney while I was madly inking. I couldn't reach the remote to change the channel and keep inking.
The previous drawing was the second drawing in my new sketch pad, but this was the first. The picture of the woman who is sitting on the Yak is in this picture, but she is on a jungle gym, not a yak. But I got bored of all the people doing normal day things, so I might start mixing up the two. Maybe I need to find a couple animal photo blogs to use to combine the two images.
Lastly, but certainly not least, this was a practice painting I did for a comic. The final comic is just one page, but it took about 4.5 hours to pencil, ink, and paint. I even used my fancy Strathmore Bristol with the non-photo blue comic grid. It has a Katie Cook drawing on the cover, so the temptation was too great. The comic will have to be posted later because the paper is probably too big for the scanner. The colors do scan fine though, so we may give it a shot.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

First 2012 night of drink and draw

Second Drink 'n' Draw of 2012 and we made it to our first one of the year! We hope to go pretty much every week. It is fun and the people sure are nice. So some of the following are from Drink 'n' Draw. FYI, Pike Place Kilt Lifter (Scottish Ale).
Weird doodle of something during Drink 'n' Draw. I used to draw stuff like this all the time (using ballpoint pen in my class notes). Maybe I will do some high school posts so I can review them and get inspired. I cut them out and kept them. I just need to find where they are stored.
Last drawing in my sketch pad. This is the first sketch pad I had to buy since I started using them again. I had a bunch of partially finished ones from high school that I finally finished a few months ago and now I have another complete one already!
I finally found the photo of the aerialist painting I did for my brother, Isaac, so I wanted to do another drawing. Found this on google search. I actually did this one on Tuesday.
This is the first drawing I completed at Drink 'n' Draw last night. I started others and did some character sketches, but the sketches were in pencil and our scanner is too lame to catch pencil now. We really need to get a new one. Anyways, this is practice for a story I am going to do soon. I don't know if this is what the character will look like. His head reminds me of Roka in Runners and I feel like I am ripping him off everytime I look at him. But when I actually compare, they are pretty different.
And this was the first drawing I started at Drink 'n' Draw. But I didn't like the original golem - he looked like the purple McDonald's guy. So I did some practice and came back to this.
These inks, except the rabbit guy, are all done using those great ink brushes Abe got me for Xmas. I am loving it. Really.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

lady sketch

From Reading in Skirts. I drew her head too small. Whoops.

Monday, January 2, 2012

sketches and undies

I posted a review of 2011 on the Flying Dodo Publications blog. I accomplished a lot more this year than I would have thought. We also posted some comics on the Flying Dodo Publications blog. They are linked from that review post.
 From The Sartorialist.
 Laura from ModCloth's New Years Outfits.
 Gut Pinching undies.
Nose Picking undies.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


From the Sartorialist, Ouigi Theodore.
This is a fun one from Reading in Skirts. Love their pictures.