Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Some dresses from Mod Cloth in some poses from Pose Maniacs.

Pretty lady on a balcony from ...Ach, I don't remember. It was such a great picture too. I assumed it was The Sartorialist, but now I can't find it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Holy smokes!

The lady who does Marlowe the Monster put up necklaces and  stuff for sale after Valentine's Day. I almost forgot to get one, but there was one left. An adorable confused one!
Here's what came in the package.
 A card with a nice note on the back.
 A sweet little package and copper wire necklace.
 The little wrapped package had this great label that I shall keep on my wall.
Here's the pendant that was in the little package!
Me actually wearing the pendant and making faces at Abe because I can only hold a straight face for 1 second before it starts to morph.
And a close up of it on.
I love it. I hope I don't break it. I wore it to work today and it seems to have worn fine.

FYI, Abe took all the photos. There are a lot more than this with me making a lot of weird weird faces. I can only take a normal looking photo for about 1 sec and  he is too slow.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Drink and Draw

It wouldn't be Drink and Draw without a little Batman.
 Practicing for Great Beard.
More practice but in pencil. I can't figure out what he should wear. I think I like the fringed pants.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jessica Fletcher

One of the lovely ladies from Reading in Skirts. I drew this a while ago, but Abe didn't scan it.
I have been watching a ton of Murder, She Wrote lately. So here is Jessica Fletcher. I blame Faith Erin Hicks (of Friends with Boys and Superhero Girl) because every time I check out something she has recommended I love it. I stated reading Fullmetal Alchemist and it is awesome. I have already read the first two volumes and I adore it. I am trying to decide if it is worth it to buy them at $10 for each of the 27 volumes.
I was finally inking a Wonder Woman story and had to practice again so here's the practice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's stuff.

Abe and I made a stop motion video in the fall for his school homework.
Drawing on Valentine's.
I drew this for Abe the day before Valentine's. If you can't tell, his nose ended up in my mouth.s

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Graphic Novel Panel repost

I wrote about a Graphic Novel Panel that Abe and I attended on the Flying Dodo Publications blog. But I wrote so much I had to split it over three blog posts. I guess I could have done one long one, but what's the fun in that.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Batman!

When I don't know what to draw at Drink 'n' Draw, I end up drawing Batman.

I also drew a bunch of deer and posted them at Ink Tub.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We are having a nerf gun gallery shooting challenge at work this Thursday so I drew this little guy today:
This is the one we will use on the scorecards.
This one is just for me.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monster and me

 I have had my eye on Shing Yin Khor of Sawdust Bear for a while now. She does Marlowe the Monster, one of my favorite web comics. But she also does the crazy monster things out of clay and has recently been posting her drawings of them. I love them all. So I drew one, too. Mine's not as good, but I may do more.
A practice drawing of Jim for a small comic.
And the practice sketches of my mom.
This is from The Sartorialist, but he looks so much like Harvey Pekar to me..
I found this picture particularly amazing for some reason. The Sartorialist.
This picture was so adorable (from The Sartorialist), I didn't do it justice. But I do remember that I drew it during an episode of Murder, She Wrote with the Russian Ballet.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Beards and Gronk

 Still trying out beard drawing and I am actually really happy with these. For some reason, I am adoring drawing with a Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball pen. It's just a regular pen. But I really like those these turn out!
Also, this is Gronk. If you are not reading Katie Cook's Gronk every Friday, you should be. It is really cute.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Drink and Draw

Drink and draw yesterday. I could drink again, so that was nice. But we couldn't sit with everyone else 'cause the table was full. We stayed just as long as normal because I take so freakin' long to drink a beer. I drew this and the stuff on Ink Tub, but I also finished most of the hourly comic day comic. I could only do sketches at work, where I should, you know, work.
I also drew this on Tuesday. I think Zooey Derschanel is adorable and funny. Too bad this doesn't look much like her. But I like the hair a lot.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hourly Comic Day 2012

I did hourly comic day today. Here it is.
 I participated in hourly comic day today.
5:00, panel 2: Gah.
6:00, panel 1: Twitter; eating Corn Chex
panel 2: hurry, careful, hurry.
panel 3: Tada; homemade spats
panel 4: So much rain; 50 mph
7:00, panel 1: Tyler Tech
panel 2: Shoot. I dropped a stitch in the spats I made; fixed with a staple.
8:00, panel 1: A while ago, Jeff bet Isaac to lick all the frosting off the cupcakes and put them back.
panel 2: So many weird donuts emails:

  • Donuts in Party Cube!
  • Tested and passed. Ship 'em.
  • I think I found a bug. Need more in order to repro.
  •  Read the documentation - it's ;like a feature, you just didn't research.
panel 3: Stretch Time. IT has completely blocked Stretch Clock now; blanket for the cold
panel 4: Eyebrow headache

9:00, panel 1: vertical mouse
panel 2: Yawn; I always get sleepy at 9:30
panel 3: This has been going on for months; Ack. Rash
10:00, panel 1: We probably shouldn't label the field "touched," like in the head.
panel 2: Uh, that's display only, right?
panel 3: We need more permissions!
panel 4: Bathroom Time!
11:00, panel 1: What was I doing? So many forms and tabs.
panel 2: thinking
panel 4: Lunch?
12:00, panel 1: Roasted tomato and red pepper soup, chevre, whole grain sourdough roll, diet coke; 2 spoonfuls of soup to one bite of bread
panel 2: This happens more than it should; Angh; Foot in headphone cord
panel 3: Hahaha; Reading SMBC
panel 4: I can't decide how to feel about the Watchmen prequels

1:00, panel 1: Angh.
panel 2: What the what?
panel 3: What the frack does this mean?
panel 4: Buh. This project is so frustrating.
2:00, panel 1: Angh! Word!
panel 2: Stinky poop stall almost made me barf.
panel 3: Angh. Word! Why'd you change Ctrl + Shift + S from Save As?! Bastards!
panel 4: Angh!
3:00, panel 1: Am I done yet?
panel 2: Freedom!
panel 3: Zooom
panel 4: Com on MPV. Get out of my way! Most Pussy Van? Might Pee Violently?
4:00, panel 1: Home!
panel 3: yoga in my sweater and bloomers
panel 4: styrofoam roll stretches
5:00, panel 1: People who are hurt by gay marriage need a say? Who the hell is hurt by gay marriage? Agh. People are so horrible!
 panel 2: Ack. I hate the news.; Change TV to The New Adventures of Old Christine
panel 3: Dinner: steak, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes; xmas plate
panel 4: & Milk! Yum!
6:00, panel 1: draw this! so behind. got sketches tho.
panel 2, To Drink and Draw
panel 3: We're here.
7:00, panel 1: Shoot. They're here; We come at 7:00 to beat everyone.
panel 2: drawing time all alone
panel 3: eavesdropping all night because we're all alone.
panel 4: but at least it's Pike Place Kilt Lifter. It's a scotch ale.
8:00, panel 1: Same beer, but...30 minutes later
panel 2: I ran out of ideas to draw. So meta.
panel 3: Yeah. I always take a sip of your beer! / What?!
panel 4: Something lame. / Do you want to wake up with nipples tomorrow?
9:00, panel 1: PJ Time!
panel 2: Cookies!
panel 3: Ernie love
panel 4: TV Time / Modern Family and Happy Endings
10:00 Bed Time! / Aw, I'm not tired!