Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Batman.

We missed Drink and Draw last week because of the snow but were right back in there tonight. Unfortunately, I am on antibiotics for a sinus infection so I couldn't have any beer. :( And I really could have used it. I am swamped at work. Anyways, here is what I drew last night. I think these are pretty much reverse order in which I drew them. I also stopped by Fred Meyer to get a note book just for Drink and Draw nights. Because I like to organize my drawing pads by where I use them. Weird?
I am practicing my Platypus skills. Abe has a shirt and a story he wants with a platypus (completely separate ideas). The story might include an echidna buddy, which is the fella doing the fist pump on the right.
 More practice of the Platypus. One of the drawings might involve hair, so I though I would practice. I am not great at hair. I really need to practice that.
I had a bit of Batman fun.
For some reason, they were talking about using waffles as tortillas to wrap other foods in. So this guy ended up wanting one too.
This is not a great Superman.
Wonder Woman wearing Spanx to try and look good would probably make it hard to run as it crushes her guts.
Best Batman I have ever drawn. I drew this before the one on the trampoline.
Aquaman. Lazy bastard.

Phew. At the last minute, I realized I almost posted this on Ink Tub instead of here.

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