Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Bit of Batwoman

Yay! Finally snowed in Seattle. I had to work from home today. Boy am I glad I did. I thought about driving, but Abe posted some pictures of the snow on his blog so you can see it is a good thing I did not.

Batwoman Leaps by ~lunavalse on deviantART
Batwoman was for the End of year sketch challenge at Ten Ton Studios. You can vote tomorrow. If you draw, you have until tonight to enter. If you win, you get all the drawings! I hope I win. I like my drawing. Fortunately, Abe got a bunch of pictures of it. I pic hard colors to duplicate on screen though.
I think this is understood. But I did color it with Copic markers.
I really like Power Girl: Bomb Squad, but that is about it. She is funny and sarcastic and pulls all sorts of ugly faces, like when she is getting punched. Great stuff. Great artist. But because of the New 52, it is no more. Boo.

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