Friday, February 21, 2014

Clay day

Most recently in my Vertebrate class, we had a contest to put the muscles on a horses front leg. I got to work with Kami, EJ, and Alexandria. I think we did a great job. And we made a whole menagerie.

Leg being muscled.

While menagerie

A red tapir!

The chart we used was inaccurate so only one table actually got the muscles right by using their deductive reasoning.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flying Dodo Publications: Commissions

I forgot I could share this page about commissions! Help me afford school and all the art supplies I keep having to buy on a weekly basis and get yourself an awesome little (or giant) drawing.

Flying Dodo Publications: Commissions

Prices for Bubble people:
16 x 20 inches, 15 characters
    Full Color - $60
    Partial Color - $50

8.5 x 10 inches (letter), 4 characters
    Full Color - $25
    Partial Color - $20

5x7 inches, 2 characters
    Full Color - $15
    Partial Color - $10

Send Angela an email at And if there isn't a price quote for something you want, like a different size or different style of drawing, feel free to ask!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Between quarters

Before I started, I was so excited that Abe and I spent a day at the zoo taking photos. And for the next quarter we have to pick an animal to focus on. So here are some drawings of the tapir.
And here are some of the crummy photos I took. It's not easy, man. They have one of the older areas and the only view is through some old dirty glass. Plus this guy was running around like a nut.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Skull poster

We also had to make a final poster for the Zoological Illustration class. Of course, I have lost the InDesign files somewhere so I can't make the edits I want right now. But it's not so bad, right?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mink Skull

We could choose from a spotted skunk, muskrat, or mink skull. I liked the teeth on the mink and this little guys was missing some teeth. Looks like the two front teeth fell out during cleaning, but his right incisor is closed in with bone, so I think he lost that in life. Pretty cool.
Gestural drawings
Measured line drawings

Graphite value studies

Gouache and colored pencil

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seattle Aquarium

On of our class days for Zoological Illustration as at the Seattle Aquarium. This was pretty darn fun.
Grumpy fish and a dogfish (which is really a composite of many dogfish)

Cuttlefish! No way to capture their entire cuteness

He really sat there for about 15 minutes like this just looking at me and everyone else walking by

Coral that fish were swimming around.

seahorses and stuff

Here are some photos I took.
Cuttlefish! I watched for a while and they kept changing color

This harbor seal just sat the for like 15 minutes. Looked like he was posing for me.

They got a new octopus and he is much more friendly

Sea horses!

Starfish eating a clam. Nom Nom

Monday, February 3, 2014

Blue Cockchafer Beetle

Fyi, the 'ch' in 'chafer' is pronounced as 'sh.' Anyways, This was a fun if frustrating project. I wish I had drawn the bug smaller. And my original bug got cold and separated from the lucite, turning completely silver, which made drawing him in color very difficult. I got a new one that did not separate, but he wasn't blue.
Measured line drawings.

Graphite on bristol

Color tests

Color pencil on dendril

Friday, January 31, 2014

Horseshoe crab

We literally got horseshoe crab and fiddler crab specimens. They are sitting in my living room in their jar of something slightly less toxic than formaldehyde. 
Here we have carbon dust and stipple on opposite sides of a sheet of dendril. Elyssa, one of the girls in my class, did an amazing bug using this technique, so now I want to try it again. But I didn't want to ever again after this project.
Gestural drawing

Measured line drawing

Dorsal View

Ventral view
click to embiggen


These are of the shell I got on the first day of class. Two views in two mediums. The stipple board is pretty much paper with a texture on it that then ends up making graphite look like stipple.
Gestural drawing and measured line drawing

Measured line drawing

Gestural drawing and measured line drawing


Stipple paper (coquille)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Here's my watercolor of a squid. If I have time, I am going to do another one. I am not super please with this one. I really need to learn patience with watercolor. We all got a stinky raw calamari to take home. Pat said to take photos and draw sketches quick because it wouldn't last through the weekend.
Looks like he's dancing.

Close up of his mouth.

Angel squid
Measured line drawings

Sketch for teh painting

Gestural drawing, including a closeup of the mouth/beak

Final watercolor.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Stippled Eggs

As much as I like working in ink, this was not my favorite assignment.
Why would I do a measured line drawing of an egg?

Stipple of a cracked egg shell with a hunt 102 on dendril. Ugh.

Friday, January 24, 2014


On the first day of Zoological Illustration, one of the specimens we got was an ammonite (along with a shell and a mosasaur tooth). Our assignment was to do a carbon dust drawing of it. Lame. I would like to keep experimenting with carbon dust, but not a super happy camper with it here. Some people (I'm looking at your Crystal) are great with it. Not me.
Measured Line drawing
Larger measured line drawing in preparation for carbon dust

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


On our first day in the Zoological class or nearly the first day, we got to look at trilobites and take photos. So I used those photos to make my final poster for the Intro class.
Click to "embiggen"

Mosasaur tooth measured line drawing. My first line drawing!
Mosasaur tooth in carbon dust. This was my first go at carbon dust.

Trilobite in carbon dust, but I just couldn't get it to look the way I wanted so I did another one in ink for the poster.
Some photos I took of the trilobites in class since we didn't get to keep them.

You might recognize this guy.