Saturday, January 14, 2012

Golden Gardens in the snow

It snowed today so Abe and I went to Golden Gardens so he could take pictures and I could sketch. Since he is enjoying the photos so much, I am looking forward to doing this more often this summer.
This is actually the second picture I drew at Golden Gardens. I stayed in the car and Abe went under a shelter for BBQs. But it was snowing so the windows were covered in water and I fog up windows really quickly. This one is actually inked.
This image is in pencil. We were both in the car and Abe took a bunch of pictures of seagulls and seagulls puffed up in the cold.
Finally, some more practice. I might turn the balloon one into a painting or something. The acorn squash one is wear I spilled some of the filling from my acorn squash dinner. These are really fun to draw. I can't wait to do more.
FYI, the snow had stopped by the time we left Golden Gardens and was nearly gone when we left Tin Tin. Which was an okay movie but it was the loudest audience I have ever sat with. I almost left. And it was just bags rustling, people chatting "quietly," and chewing with their mouths open. I almost couldn't keep myself from shouting "Shut Up!" a few times. Idiots.

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