Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brush Try-out

Still so much snow. I haven't been to work all week (though I can fortunately work from home). Today we had freezing rain until there was a quarter inch or so of ice over the existing 3 inches of snow and another 2 inches of snow after. Stopped snowing a while ago, but has now started again. On the bright side, my head is so plugged every keystroke feels like a drum in my head and Nisa won't stop barking at the loud neighbors.
In fact, here is a video of Ernie chasing a Frisbee in the snow. He is adorable. He even brought it back in the house with him because he was having so much fun. Abe had to throw and take the video because I don't know how to use his camera and I am the worst at throwing a Frisbee. As Abe now knows.
Anyways, I decided to try a brush for this character and have decided to stick with the pens.

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