Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sketchy times

More sketches. Tried doing cartoony corgis. I am not great at drawing dogs for some reason.
This golem is a character for an upcoming story that I will hopefully get started on in the next few months. Yeah, I spelled it wrong on the paper using the Lord of the Rings character name. Well aren't I a dummy.
Here are some sketches I did during 40 minutes of the hour wait to get our oil changed on the Kia Rio5 at the Kia dealership. That place is great, if understaffed on Saturdays.
The notes are as follows:

  • Kia lounge chair
  • Oh, Awake Tazo tea, how yummy you are.
  • Bored much? Gotta bring stuff to do at an oil change!
  • This may be the best car I've ever drawn. How sad and exciting.
    I was confused when I noticed it was a Chevy because we are at our Kia dealership, but then I remembered it was Chuck Olson Chevrolet.
  • Just OK used cars? (that really is the sign!)

Next up are the sketches from the Northwest Poetry Reading at Northwest Book Fest 2011. The first three faces are two of the featured poets that I enjoyed. David was quite animated and funny. One of his poems was about the emperor of Rome and how he could stab people and they would thank him. Made me laugh. I think his set of poems on that would make great comics. Another poem, by the MC, was in response to a restriction on a poetry submission that said no rhymes. Of course, the poem rhymed. The last part is a little landscape of memory from the pond at my mom's while she was reading (Anita Boyle, ladies and gentlemen).
Second page of sketches while listening to the rest of the featured poets. Most of them are of the audience, hence the backs of heads.
There was an open mic after the featured poets and first up was one of my old high school classmates, Matt Bauer. He was really good; I was impressed. He wrote a great poem about working in Renton. Fortunately I have a window, but I understand in his poem about not having one. Sometimes I feel like I don't have one even though it is one wall of my cubicle. On the parking lot. Yay.

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