Sunday, October 23, 2011

INKtober Days 21 ans 22

I was way too tired after getting home from Bellingham ComiCon last night so I am posting the last two days of inks now. We got up at 5:30 yesterday so we could get to Bellingham in time for the convention and set up and stuff and didn't leave again until 10:00 because my mom and Jim are so entertaining.

Friday Evening:
Our friend Rita giving Abe crazy eyes during class.
Do I even need to explain this? I will mention that I was trying to practice a more cartoony style.
Some ideas for a character for a new mini comic I will be making in the next month.

At Bellingham ComiCon on Saturday:
Fella character for the same mini comic as the lady. I have not yet decided if he will actually make an appearance in his tighty whities, but this made me laugh so many times, he just might have to. The one I marked as not supposed to be Will Wheaton looked more like him in the pencil version.
A character for a mini comic we may make after realizing how many people at Jet City and B'ham ComiCon skipped our booth to look at lovely ladies...
This may turn into a Gertrude series comic. Based on Abe's experience at Bellingham ComiCon. So sad.

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