Friday, October 21, 2011

INKtober Day 20

First up, a practice commission for my mom; she asked for a self portrait. Now that it is done, I wish I had added more to it,like Ernie and a table or two and a lap.

 Here was my brush pen ink for the night, a little Strong Female Character fan art. Kate Beaton and friends really are just the best. :)
And a Sartorialist I tried to draw a little more cartoony.


  1. Three very different feels - strong female character made me guffaw, btw, love it - and your self-portrait is gorgeous just as it is. Really like how you just have the throw on the settee back there. Lots of textures.

  2. Ha. Glad the strong female character made you laugh. They always make me laugh.
    The throw on the back of the couch is an homage to the first blanket I ever knit. :)