Friday, September 30, 2011

Jet City doodles, Jaw dropping doodle, and Plastic Man

Whoops! Been a while since I posted, yeah? Well, I haven't been avoiding it. Just busy. So I did these recently. I did other stuff since, but this is the most recent. 

At the Jet City Comic Show, I noticed a lot of the other artists were drawing while waiting for people to come to their table. So I gave it a shot. I am not so great at drawing in public - I find it hard to concentrate. It was a good first experience, even though the show was slow. I came home and got sick. Lovely. Anyways, here are my doodles.

That first furry fella is a character for an idea I had for a story when I was in a meeting and a chair moved that no one was near. The Tiniest Jawa was the cutest little kid with the Jawa robes. And the fella with the bad posture is not as bad as the guy I was trying to draw.

Then I drew this, perhaps another bunny and girl painting, but I am not sure.

Last night I wanted to practice doodling because I am sorely not used to it anymore. I am still not feeling well, so I drew what I am feeling like, but it is a dude. I do not feel like a dude.

And I was thinking how I could get the upstairs neighbors to be quiet a while back and was wishing Abe was more like Plastic Man.

Upstairs, the girl on the left is saying, "You only eat toenails" which is something I misoverheard once. And Plastic Man is saying, " Uh, shut up?" The guy on the right is just screaming. Downstairs, the girl in the bed is telling Plastic Man, "I need to sleep."

Well, now I am off to doodle or knit and watch MidSomer Murders, which is completely awesome.

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