Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drink 'n' Draw

Abe and I went to our first normally scheduled Drink 'n' Draw. Pretty fun, even though we came too late to get a good seat and ended up sequestered on a lonely couch that faced the same model TV that we have at home. First was the pig girl with mohawk and sideburn ponytails. There was also a sweet little Boston Terrier running around which inspired the little dog fella.
I realized I had been drawing hooves (the frog pony was first drawn on this page) because I am no good at hands and feet. So I drew a foot. I also started drawing what I thought my new glasses were going to look like before I picked them up. And Abe wanted to see Georgie's parents and Wellington's sisters (yes, The Jerks).

Abe didn't have his stupid mechanical pencil, so he ended up writing comic notes/stories most of the night, but  because of that he wanted to see some pictures of the Jerks to see that I could do it: Arthur blowing a raspberry, Georgie flipping someone off, Georgie smoking a cigar, Georgie from the side,  Georgie and Arthur bowling, a porcupine character for a Jerks Adventures story, Georgie splashing in water (I assumed happily, but it turns out he wanted scared).
I also drew Arthur and Georgie at different ages (sorry they are sideways). And some weird fish fella whose fin has been ripped off.
It was really fun and I look forward to going again. 4 pages of doodles is pretty good for me. And we get to meet other cartoonists. It was too bad we came too late to hang out in a section with other people, but we did get to talk to Adam a little, who we met at the ECCC version of the Drink 'n' Draw. I also passed around a copy of Hardly Kind, but I wasn't near anyone who read it so I don't know any reactions. The fella who returned the copy to me said he liked it, so that's something.

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