Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Color practice, lemming and bus stop

Well, I may have been a page and a half from finishing the inks for the lemming story for the last 4 days, but I did color the dancing lemming drawing. This was good practice because I found some colors I needed to order refills for. Though I think I have all the pens for the colors I need.
I also colored a page of Harrowing Tales at the Bus Stop, which turned out better than I expected. There may be a color version of this story in the future. The coloring in this is inconsistent panel-to-panel because I was trying out different colors. Based off this one, I do need some more colors. I ordered some of them, but others I didn't notice until I looked a little longer, like a lighter yellow.
Tonight is our second drink and draw. I am pretty excited, but I am also pretty exhausted. I had to pick Abe up from work, but I get there over an hour before he actually gets done. But I took full advantage of that time to read Shop Girl by Steve Martin. I am really enjoying it. Perhaps I will draw something from it and write up a review when I am done.

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