Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wonderful comic news

As of today, I have comics for sale at The Comic Stop, a great comic store in Lynnwood. And by comics, I mean multiple copies of Hardly Kind. They are working a great indie section. Though as soon as I have copies of the lemming story, that will be there too. Hardly Kind is a black and white comic; the story is 9 pages.

They are our favorite local comic shop, even though they are too far to bike to. They have a really friendly and helpful staff and the store is bright and clean. Most of the comics stores we go to are over flowing and hard to get around in. Let alone actually find something. They also have a nice selection of comics that aren't the big two, which is great for us, since neither of us really wants to spend money on a super hero comic we will read only once. (The exception being Batwoman, since I plan to read that over and over again. :)  )

These guys, if you have a question, will hop right over and find it. If they can't find it, even if they can really, they will suggest other similar comics to you. Abe went in to look for Atomic Robo for me (I need to get vol. 2). They didn't have it, but the guy suggested The Goon, which neither of us had really heard of.

If you can't get to Lynnwood, though, you can buy a hard copy online at The Jerks Etsy store. If you are not keen on Etsy lately, just send me an email and I will see what we can do instead. I'd love to get a hard-copy of Hardly Kind in your eager hands. You can also get a PDF copy from The Jerks Etsy store, or you can hightail it to the amazing selection of digital comics at The Illustrated Section. So far I only have Hardly Kind there, but you will see more soon.

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