Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My bike is too real

Proof that I actually got a bike. Schwinn Sierra 7 2011. I haven't even ridden the thing yet except in the store because I have been waiting for Abe to get his bike. What is the fun in biking alone? Here it is with the stupid back fender that I don't think I am going to use. It looks really stupid.
And yes this is in my fenced back yard. Don't you just love how grassy and green it is?

Here is my helmet from clearance at Gregg's Cycles in Greenwood. There is a monkey on the side. I know it is too far up my forehead in this picture. But look at all that hair!! I am wearing a large, probably to fit all that hair in there.
 And here I am on my bike. I really can't wait for Abe to get his bike. I think the Library is only a 10 minute slow bike ride away. We'll see how it goes when we actually bike over there since it is up a hill from here.

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