Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arctic animals of the tundra

Here is the final group of sketches in preparation for the lemming story. First we have a snowy owl, a snowy owl mama and babies, and arctic hares.
Here is what the hares are saying:
Right Hare: You dude!
Left Hare: Sup!
RH: Hi-five!
LH: Lo-five!
RH: Wica wica wica wha?
That image is from a real photo I found on Google. I think they are actually fighting, but the totally look like they are high-fiveing.

Here we have a big horn sheep and some squirrels. Again, these are all real pictures I found on Google.
The squirrel on the left is shouting "OMG. Did you just see that?!"
The squirrel on the right is saying "Where?"

And next is a chickadee and the arctic tundra. The chickadees are pretty cute, but all the pictures are pretty much exactly the same. They are just standing on different things.
I had a lot of fun with all these sketches. Particularly getting to practice with the copic markers. They don't scan all that well, though.

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