Monday, January 24, 2011

The Lemmings are coming

So. Lemmings. I am working on a mini comic that involves lemmings and I didn't actually know much about them except the standard cliff-diving myth. So I got the book "What's a lemming?" by D.M. Souza (1998) which I can only guess was meant for kids, but is perfect for my intentions: lots of pictures. And just the basic information I was looking for.

I started with some pencils, working on the shape of the lemmings. Boy are they cute. You can see I also took some notes about what they are like.

Then I did some color sketches using my wonderful Copic markers. I am running out though and have short supply, so I also took notes on some refills and colors I need. There are some really cute pictures in the book. I will do some more tomorrow or so. Or I will start working on the pencils of the mini-comic.
So there. Lemmings.


  1. The one on the left of the pencil page standing with his front legs up on something (snow in the photo) looks so much like Ernie!