Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

Yes, that's from "Where the Wild Things Are" by the talented Maurice Sendak. This is my submission to this weeks Ten Ton Studio Sketch Challenge, which is always full of amazing entries.

Do you think it is as cute as I do that they are drinking tea and eating scones? (That is what is on the place in the center.) Max is even holding his pinkie finger out!

Maurice Sendak's books are some of my most fondly remembered books from childhood. I actually recently bought "Where the Wild Things Are" for $9 at a grocery store. It is one of the sad things about new children's books. The art has gone to hell. Maurice Sendak, Beatrix Potter, even A.A Milne's illustrations for his book Winnie the Pooh all use beautiful art in children's books. Now we have the most boring cartoon styles with garish primary colors. I suppose they still make children's book with nice art, but I don't see it often. If you know of new children's book with art of this quality, I would be curious to see it.

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