Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First come, first inked

So I have decided to start a blog again. Seriously, this is my third one. But now I have an idea and a goal. I will be practicing. Writing reviews, drawing. Trying to get better at the things I enjoy.

I am currently reading a book that includes information on reviewing. To review it for a magazine. So it is perfect timing to start this blog. I will get some good tips. There are even writing exercises to get me started. And with each of the reviews, I plan to include a related drawing. For example, one of my first posts will be a silly little thing about grapefruit, so I will draw up a little scene to go with whatever I have to say. I think I already have an idea.

I also have a goal to start picking one theme per month on something I need to practice drawing: faces, hands, feet, clothes, buildings, trees, dah, dah, dah. I don’t think I will have time to post every day, but I might try. I can have Abe, the boyfriend, scan it for me while I am at work the next day and post when I get home. I was leaning towards posting once a week. If I did it Friday evening, I would finally have something to do. But I think it will be more fun if I post every day.

So, looking forward, February will be face month. I will just Google faces and work my way through it. Later I might try a month where I draw faces from my imagination, but for now, I will draw from pictures. Or real life if I get a chance, but I don’t get out much. You really don’t need to tell me how lame I am…

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  1. GREAT! I'll look forward to seeing your drawings. Don't you think you've improved a ton just since last year? Poof! You got it. Now all you have to do is keep going, because you are doing excellent work!