Monday, February 6, 2012

Monster and me

 I have had my eye on Shing Yin Khor of Sawdust Bear for a while now. She does Marlowe the Monster, one of my favorite web comics. But she also does the crazy monster things out of clay and has recently been posting her drawings of them. I love them all. So I drew one, too. Mine's not as good, but I may do more.
A practice drawing of Jim for a small comic.
And the practice sketches of my mom.
This is from The Sartorialist, but he looks so much like Harvey Pekar to me..
I found this picture particularly amazing for some reason. The Sartorialist.
This picture was so adorable (from The Sartorialist), I didn't do it justice. But I do remember that I drew it during an episode of Murder, She Wrote with the Russian Ballet.


  1. i really enjoyed the was inspireing.i am a 13 year old artist.i hope to be as good as you on day.

  2. Hey! I need a to draw a comic,and i need to draw a mom. Umm.. like a typical kinda mom. You know..