Friday, February 24, 2012

Holy smokes!

The lady who does Marlowe the Monster put up necklaces and  stuff for sale after Valentine's Day. I almost forgot to get one, but there was one left. An adorable confused one!
Here's what came in the package.
 A card with a nice note on the back.
 A sweet little package and copper wire necklace.
 The little wrapped package had this great label that I shall keep on my wall.
Here's the pendant that was in the little package!
Me actually wearing the pendant and making faces at Abe because I can only hold a straight face for 1 second before it starts to morph.
And a close up of it on.
I love it. I hope I don't break it. I wore it to work today and it seems to have worn fine.

FYI, Abe took all the photos. There are a lot more than this with me making a lot of weird weird faces. I can only take a normal looking photo for about 1 sec and  he is too slow.

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