Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hourly Comic Day 2012

I did hourly comic day today. Here it is.
 I participated in hourly comic day today.
5:00, panel 2: Gah.
6:00, panel 1: Twitter; eating Corn Chex
panel 2: hurry, careful, hurry.
panel 3: Tada; homemade spats
panel 4: So much rain; 50 mph
7:00, panel 1: Tyler Tech
panel 2: Shoot. I dropped a stitch in the spats I made; fixed with a staple.
8:00, panel 1: A while ago, Jeff bet Isaac to lick all the frosting off the cupcakes and put them back.
panel 2: So many weird donuts emails:

  • Donuts in Party Cube!
  • Tested and passed. Ship 'em.
  • I think I found a bug. Need more in order to repro.
  •  Read the documentation - it's ;like a feature, you just didn't research.
panel 3: Stretch Time. IT has completely blocked Stretch Clock now; blanket for the cold
panel 4: Eyebrow headache

9:00, panel 1: vertical mouse
panel 2: Yawn; I always get sleepy at 9:30
panel 3: This has been going on for months; Ack. Rash
10:00, panel 1: We probably shouldn't label the field "touched," like in the head.
panel 2: Uh, that's display only, right?
panel 3: We need more permissions!
panel 4: Bathroom Time!
11:00, panel 1: What was I doing? So many forms and tabs.
panel 2: thinking
panel 4: Lunch?
12:00, panel 1: Roasted tomato and red pepper soup, chevre, whole grain sourdough roll, diet coke; 2 spoonfuls of soup to one bite of bread
panel 2: This happens more than it should; Angh; Foot in headphone cord
panel 3: Hahaha; Reading SMBC
panel 4: I can't decide how to feel about the Watchmen prequels

1:00, panel 1: Angh.
panel 2: What the what?
panel 3: What the frack does this mean?
panel 4: Buh. This project is so frustrating.
2:00, panel 1: Angh! Word!
panel 2: Stinky poop stall almost made me barf.
panel 3: Angh. Word! Why'd you change Ctrl + Shift + S from Save As?! Bastards!
panel 4: Angh!
3:00, panel 1: Am I done yet?
panel 2: Freedom!
panel 3: Zooom
panel 4: Com on MPV. Get out of my way! Most Pussy Van? Might Pee Violently?
4:00, panel 1: Home!
panel 3: yoga in my sweater and bloomers
panel 4: styrofoam roll stretches
5:00, panel 1: People who are hurt by gay marriage need a say? Who the hell is hurt by gay marriage? Agh. People are so horrible!
 panel 2: Ack. I hate the news.; Change TV to The New Adventures of Old Christine
panel 3: Dinner: steak, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes; xmas plate
panel 4: & Milk! Yum!
6:00, panel 1: draw this! so behind. got sketches tho.
panel 2, To Drink and Draw
panel 3: We're here.
7:00, panel 1: Shoot. They're here; We come at 7:00 to beat everyone.
panel 2: drawing time all alone
panel 3: eavesdropping all night because we're all alone.
panel 4: but at least it's Pike Place Kilt Lifter. It's a scotch ale.
8:00, panel 1: Same beer, but...30 minutes later
panel 2: I ran out of ideas to draw. So meta.
panel 3: Yeah. I always take a sip of your beer! / What?!
panel 4: Something lame. / Do you want to wake up with nipples tomorrow?
9:00, panel 1: PJ Time!
panel 2: Cookies!
panel 3: Ernie love
panel 4: TV Time / Modern Family and Happy Endings
10:00 Bed Time! / Aw, I'm not tired!