Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zoo sketches

A while ago, Abe and I went to the zoo and it was an absolute blast! We biked over. Took about 20 minutes. I can't wait to go again. What a refreshing day. We even paid the $3 for the dinosaur exhibit. Here 'tis. First up is the stamp (on Abe's hand because I only got half one).
These are all photos from my phone, fyi.This is the first dino. He even spit. There are two little boys standing in front of him waiting to get spit on. Those are also wonderful rays of sun. It was a great, sunny day, but Woodland Park zoo is great and shady so it wasn't too hot at all. I finally understand why people enjoy the sun. At least a little.

I was a little sad because most of the dinos were not life-sized. I thought they would be, but the bracchiasaur would have been a little ridiculous. That was my favorite one though and I really wanted to see how big it was compared to me.

Abe and a dino! This my be my favorite pic of the day. Or ever.

Triceratops and a baby one!
Abe ain't afraid o' no Rex!
For lunch we had some corn dogs. Not yummy. Nice and burnt butt there.
And the hotdog color was almost white.
The rest of teh day Abe took pictures. Maybe he'll post them some day. I spent the rest of the day drawing in the great sketch pad that Abe got me for xmas. Sorry for these poor photos. They were also taken with my phone. The scans were so washed out I couldn't even see anything.

First (and these are totally out of order), here is the orangutan. Most of them were sleeping under burlap sacks, but one was sitting around when we got there and then walked up to the window where all the kids were watching. He laid his head on the edge of the window and looked at them all freaking out and jumping around and when they started to lull, he tapped on the glass at them! It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen at the zoo. Then we some some adorable fat and happy Meerkats. They were quite pear shaped. Very cute. I could watch them for hours. Next to the Meerkats was a sloth, but he was asleep in a bin or something so we could only see his back. Next to that was the Tamadue Anteater They were slow and soft colored and very cute. One of them stopped on a branch and looked around with a bunch of drool on his chin just like Ernie.
Elephant. We only saw the one. Big fella with only one tusk. He was eating so the first sketch, his head is behind a pillar. Then I drew his butt because it was funny and kinda cute. We also saw the hippos before that, but they kept going under water so there wasn't much to draw. And they were very popular that day. We also saw the macaques, which totally look like Fraggles.
We got to see some Colobus monkeys, but only just barely. Mostly we saw their long hairy tails. And a giraffe head. I would have liked Eeyore to see more of the giraffes, but Abe pushed us on. Then was my favorite, the Tapirs. I love them. They are like Eeyore and pigs and elephants and pandas all mashed together. Both of them were chillin' with their butts up against the window glass. Kept turning around to look at the crowd. Unfortunately, all of Abe's photos are of reflections of the crowd in the glass. :( I would like to do more drawings of these fellas.
Gorillas. Abe's favorite. They were really cool. Some old lady gorilla was chillin' against a log like it was a sofa. So cute. And another was grabbing a whole bunch of grass and brought it down into the water to chow down. There was a big old guy too who wandered around a bunch.
Last stop was the wallabys and emus. The photos didn't turn out well because the ones not in the sun were very camouflage and the one's in te sun got washed out. Ah well.
So much fun. I can't wait to go again. Expensive and I was wiped at the end of the day from being around all those people. But I would love to go again on a week day when all the kids are in school.

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