Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Pile o' sketches. First up, some people from 5/29 - we've got the amazing Mila Jovavich as Alice in Resident Evil, and a couple sketches from The Sartorialist.
 Practice clouds. I absolutely adore how Skottie Young draws clouds so I gave it a go.
 Treant idea that may turn into a water color.
Lady treant.
As a note, have you checked out the Flying Dodo Publications website? It has a new favicon so there is a little feather when you put a link to it in your favorites. Its an awesome website with links for all our comics to all the places you can buy them.
And The Jerks comic now has links to the first comic in each story line. It is a little weird because The Jerks is not planned out in advance so it just kind of happens and sometimes there are breaks before it gets going again. Re-reading the whole thing, I think The Jerks is actually not a bad web comic. Yay us. :)

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