Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Superheroes and Cross stitch

Abe just called me a slacker for not coloring in Wellington's eyebrows very consistently. Well, I am also a slacker for not posting all the cross stitch I did a while ago. In no particular order we have:
  • Aw, Crap. This will surely go in our bathroom some day when I can frame it. I think this is the second one I did.

  •  Shut Your Piehole. I think this is the third one I did. I love it and it will go in the kitchen/dining room when it gets framed someday.

  •  Whatever. My first one. You can see all the threads in teh back through the weave, but it will look better once framed. This might go next to my computer so I can remember how to feel when I read stupid stuff online. All those idiots. Not you though.

  • Finally, this is the last one I did. It is a comic that I made up based on a bear pattern in a small 'how to' book be Red Heart that also includes knitting, crochet, and tatting. I hope you can tell what's going on. I would change the last panel a bit if I did it over.

There is always doodle time, so here are some doodles I did. I adore Kate Beaton's (of Hark! A Vagrant) hilarious parodies (especially her Wonder Woman) and I was thinking about those and how I would like to be able to draw a little more cartoony and so did these. I specifically did not pencil and then ink - just inked without taking too much time.
Upper left: Wonder Woman says: I'm not chasing no one in this get up! Risk breaking an ankle or getting on TMZ.

Upper right is a note that just says: Barry Manilow is the real life Doctor.

Very middle: Batman says: Harder to pull out of a dive than I thought.

Lower left: Wonder Woman is reading and resting a mug of to on her boob (which I ironically wrote as reasting) says: Finally, a night off.

Mid-lower right: Catwoman playing with ball of yarn forgetting her jewels; Batman says: Ha. And Alfred said bat yarn wasn't worth the cost.

Lower-lower right: Batman says: I see you.

Lower-lower right-right: just a note that says Cougar Town meats WW.

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