Thursday, June 9, 2011

Herbert sketches

The next comic Abe and I are working on is about a dog named Herbert. The following are my prep sketches for the characters. So far, we don't have a title and have just been calling it Herbert.

First up is the dad character, who is a painter. These are the inks off a sketch I did. Upper left is using a size 1 brush. The bottom is the nib pen. On the left I tried a wiggly sketchy style and on the right is my usual hatched style. Abe didn't like his face so I tried to change it up a bit.
 Here are the original sketches of the Dad, info from Abe on what makes up painter pants, and some inked sketches of the daughter, Rose. For Rose, I just was sketching from some pictures of girls in t-shirts.
 Some sketches of the mom. She is a business lady. I am not really sure what a business lady wears so I did a google search and came up with that dress. The other image she is in her bathrobe.
 More sketches of Rose and some of Herbert. He looks fugly in the upper left version. These are just inks in different styles (brush and nib) of the same pencils using tracing paper. The nibs work very different over the tracing paper than on bristol.
 And the original sketches that I inked in the previous image. Rose, Herbert, and their kitchen. I need to practice drawing rooms and backgrounds in general. My skills are lacking.
I am currently in the process of penciling all the pages and am going to start on page 4 tonight. The story is only 11 pages total, so it shouldn't take long. Then all that remains is inking because I think this will be yet another black and white comic. I might try adding some monotone shading - perhaps blue - but I don't know how that will look, if my skills are good enough for that.

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