Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sue C. Boynton poetry contest

My mom, Anita, was so kind as to let me do some illustrations for the broadsides she made up of the winners and honorable mentions in the Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest. And they have all been announced and displayed and whatnot so now here are my images. They look even better on the actual broadsides which you will be able to see on the buses and in some libraries and banks in Bellingham, WA, this summer. I wasn't able to go to the opening event, but from the reviews I have heard second hand through my mom and brother, they are being well received. Which is totally awesome.
First up is the angel or handless woman statue/headstone from the cemetery for Bellingham, written by my brother's friend's girlfriend, Rachel Mehl. So it's pretty cool that I got to draw an illustration for someone I know.
 Next up is the illustration for a poem called Your Blue Shirt. Apparently, this was quite a popular one that night. People found it really cute. I think it was the way my mom put it on the broadside and colored it.
 A Day at the Lake was a poem by sixth grader Alyssa Gallant. This was a fun one to do, let me tell you.
 Pencil Elves was a pretty cute poem by fifth grader Kobe Woodruff. I hope I did it justice. Jim, who MCed the event announcing all the winners and stuff, pointed out the teethmarks to Kobe while MCing.
Finally, Pete was written by my brother's friend and my friend's brother, Caleb Barber. So for that I got to draw a really cute dog. I got a call from my mom and she got to tell Caleb and Rachel today that I was thrilled that they were thrilled with my illustrations for their poems. (For some reason the scan got screwed up and you should be able to see all his feet.)
All in all, what a cool project I got to work on. Maybe I will get to do more next year. I hope so.

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