Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Drawering time. Drew me up some corgis. But I kept getting distracted with how cute an entire page of corgis is. These were pretty fun. The top two are from photos on google. Then there's Ernie. And the bottom two are based on a 'how to draw a corgi' tutorial that I found super helpful and used to draw another cute corgi at work today.
 Then I needed something else to draw because I was a bit spacey and kept forgetting I was supposed to pencil the next two Jerks comics, so I went to The Sartorialist.
In my personal life, I am doing C25K (Couch to 5k) on my bike. It seems it might be a jinx to put this in my blog, since everything else I said I would do I didn't, but oh well. It is pretty fun. I did it tonight and instead of biking the last 5 minutes for the cooldown, I walked around the apartment while my gross organic artichoke finished cooking because my butt hurt from the bike seat. But I was on it for 25 minutes, so that is good.

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