Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Lemming's Loss

While on vacation, I finished printing One Lemming's Loss. Fraught with trouble, we eventually got it done thanks to hard work by Abe and my mom, Anita. I forgot to even draw a cover image or image for the bio page until I was on vacation, so Mom had to add those after Abe sent us a print-worthy PDF.

This full-color comic is about grief through an anthropomorphic lemming. Very short, the story is only 14 pages. Including the cover, the comic is 20 pages and the back has a brief explanation of lemmings. And since I learned all about binding books while I was on vacation, including the purchase of Cover to Cover, all of the comics are hand-bound. Simple saddle stitch, but I love the idea, which I got from Liz Conley at Stumptown. The finished books are 7.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide.

You can get them here:

  • Etsy, hard copy and, later, digital copy
  • soon, The Comic Stop in Lynnwood, physical copies

For your viewing pleasure, here is a brief preview:


Page 1:

Page 2:

And with One Lemming's Loss, I have four small comics available for purchase, including Hardly Kind (physical, digital on Etsy and The Illustrated Section), Harrowing Tales at the Bus Stop (physical, digital), and Arthur Loses His Mind, or small things are hard to find (physical, digital).

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