Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Faces, part2

Next round of faces - these are from last night. I was having a hard time finding faces to draw on Google (lots of creepy images) so I moved on to copying the art of artists I watch on deviant art. Last night, I studied Otis Frampton. He does 7 by 7 sketch cards that are just awesome. 
Top left: Cigarette smoking man from "X-files" by Otis Frampton.
Top-right: Zatanna by Otis Frampton (He's so much better than this.) I didn't actually like this until the next day.
Middle left top: my horrible version of Nite Owl by Otis Frampton - I wrote "bugger"
Middle left bottom: Old superman? WTF?
Middle right: tiny batman saying "Ooh!"
Bottom left: Ooh wowie mouthie.
Bottom right: Ugly batman :(

The last few I just made up. I have been trying to draw Batman for years and have never succeeded.

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