Friday, June 8, 2012

Art vacation

I am currently on an art vacation at my mom's. Well, I am currently in her car waiting for her to deliver some work for her graphic design business. But before that I went to cosmic Comics in Bellingham and they now sell our comics. And yesterday we went to The Comics Place in bellingham and they also sell our comics now. Good times for the peopl of bellingham.
The tapir is the first finished art of mine on this vacation. Already have another one done of emus. And I hae started other paintings of a redd tree kangaroo, an axlotl, and river otter. And I penciled a comic about a fight between two red footed tortoises.
Off to dakota art for art supplies since I just got paid. :D

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  1. Angela did some excellent illustration work during our little vacation. And she's fun to work with, too. We even started the artwork for a collaborative comic, something I don't remember ever doing before. She did the rough, I did the pencils, and she'll begin inking sometime this week.