Saturday, June 16, 2012

Allison's CD release party

I went to my cousin Allison Preisinger's CD release party last night and drew while she sang. You can find her album here. I got to do the cover art. Fortunately, everyone seems to like it. :) Here are some drawings from her concert. There's a fun little surprise at the end of this post. 

The stool wasn't really about to fall over. I was just drawing at an angle so had a hard time with perspective.
She didn't look nearly this concerned, by the way.
 Some piano too!
I decided to try some other styles. Pretty pleased with these.
I also had to Adventure Time her. I think it turned out pretty well. Such a fun style to draw.
She totally didn't smash her guitar. Don't worry. And she did a good cover of the Goteye song that is all over the radio.
Last but not least, I did a little animated gif! So much fun.

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