Monday, March 12, 2012


At Drink and Draw 2 weeks ago (!) someone asked for a theme and someone else suggested dreams. This fella was in one of my dreams in high school. Me and my friends were one a space station to see a movie and go to dinner for my birthday and this guy was on the space station. We ran past him when looking for the bathroom.
 Batman. From Drink and Draw 2 weeks ago.
I dripped ink...
I had to break in a new nib. So I did this page.
I was annoyed and uninspired so I went back to my roots and doodled in a notebook with a ballpoint pen and it was really fun. This one was during Murder, She Wrote.
Then I drew some of the avatars of some of the people I follow on twitter. And THEN I drew all the little fellas on the left. That was really fun.
This was the first page of notebook doodles.


  1. You do good, albeit slightly creepy, work. Jim wonders what beverages you consume at Drink & Draw.

    1. Good but slightly creepy? I am fine with that.

      I drink a pint of Pike Place Brewery Kilt Lifter every time. In fact, I haven't had to order it the last few weeks because I just walk in and she says, "Kilt Lifter?" to which I nod eagerly.