Monday, March 19, 2012


Abe had a project for school to make a book mark or card. We decided to make three bookmarks since it takes the same space as a card. These were really fun. I drew them during The Punisher, so unfortunately I see that movie every time I look at these cards.

Jerks bookmark by ~lunavalse on deviantART
This one was Abe's idea. I can't remember who added the "poot" but I think it was part of Abe's original idea.

Booksquid by ~lunavalse on deviantART
This was my idea. I like it best. Then The Jerks one.

For the love of books by ~lunavalse on deviantART
I like this one a lot better after Abe used text on it. Much clearer. I cannot write with a brush. I also drew it at size, so that didn't help.
Abe printed them all so now we have a ton. Though only The Jerks one has been cut. The paper cutter at the school isn't so great.

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