Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sketches with new pens

Abe gave me some water brush pens for xmas so I filled them with ink. I have two of the same size now, so I filled one with an ink wash to make grays. Oh yes I did. It is awesome.
From a new blog I found through Erika Moen's tumblr. Reading in Skirts
 Of course, from the Sartorialist. Style Profile...Kirk Miller. The edges of the gray-wash pen marks seem a  lot more subtle in the original
Fella in his undies eating fried chicken. Perhaps there needs to be a bucket of fried chicken.
And here is a sketch of the Jawless Wonder for a story idea I have.
Not quite used to the wash pen yet. But it doesn't bleed through the paper, which is great.  I also got a non-photo blue pencil which I have been using to sketch the base under the inks and I am loving it, I think I would prefer a mechanical version instead of the kind you have to sharpen. I would love to do a whole story in this style and I think I have a good idea which one.

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