Thursday, December 29, 2011

cute animals and such

Whoops. Fell behind again. I also didn't draw much for the last week for some reason.
Cute baby tapir. I believe I read that all baby tapirs are striped like this.
Platypus. Inspired by Abe.
Echidna is also Abe's suggestion.
From a recent Ten Ton Studios Sketch Challenge.
Buddy from Cake Boss which I am inexplicably drawn to.
Watson and Sherlock from the BBC show Sherlock. Great show. But there are only three episodes. Three more are to come out in 2012. Benedict Cumberbatch is a fun Sherlock and the guy who played the main guy in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy plays Watson.
This was one of Abe's xmas presents. He laughed really hard, which made me happy.
A Little Red Riding Hood. With the new brush pens Abe gave me for xmas. Very fun stuff. I actually did this one tonight.


  1. Baby tapirs are possibly the cutest little weirdos - great drawings - the Sherlock one is really good for likeness. Love the superhero - very funny, and so true. My fave's the last one - your brush pen lines are really confident and varied. Wishing you continued creativity for 2012!

  2. Thanks so much! And wishes to you too.