Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Working away

Well, I finished the Herbert inks over a week ago. Abe very quickly (under a week in his spare time) got the whole thing laid out. We almost got the book published at Egress Studio with my mom last weekend, but page 5 of the print (page 1 of the story) was corrupted. :'(  So maybe in another week. We are heading up again on Saturday to finish all the projects that we started and never finished this past Saturday.

Speaking of, we had lots of plans for Saturday that we hope to finish. Abe was going to print Herbert, of course. But he was also going to print up more copies of our existing comics so we have a decent inventory for Jet City Comic Show in September. (Don't forget to come visit if you are in the area). These include more One Lemming's Loss and better copies of Harrowing Tales at the Bus Stop. Bus Stop was our first comic so we need to take another pass.

Abe also tried to scan a bunch of my watercolor paintings that we plan to sell prints of: Ogre Lolita, Resting, Pregopotamus, Dancing Lemming, Playtupus Valentines, Bowling Lemming, Umbrella Girl in Muddy Shoes, Two Birds on a Wire, and perhaps even Zombie Bear. We should also have some black and white prints with us: Eating grapefruit for brunch; and some Gertrude comics: Secrets, Trial and Error, and Xmas thoughts. May be I will try to have some more Gertrude comics by then.

While Abe was working on all that, I was working on the Crow story! Printing away. I finally found the printing paper I have been looking for since I first finished the linocuts. So far, I only have the first two pages printed, but it is so much faster using my mom's printing press than using a thing I can never remember the name of but is basically doing the same thing but by hand. So far, they are looking pretty good. Once I get all the pages and the cover printed on the press, I can take it all home where I have pretty much everything to finish the project - ink, brush, thread, awl, glue. Well, I might need to buy glue. And I will need some Davey board.

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