Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Between quarters

Before I started, I was so excited that Abe and I spent a day at the zoo taking photos. And for the next quarter we have to pick an animal to focus on. So here are some drawings of the tapir.
And here are some of the crummy photos I took. It's not easy, man. They have one of the older areas and the only view is through some old dirty glass. Plus this guy was running around like a nut.


  1. Nice work on the gestures! I find that once you get a solid gesture the form will follow. I always found it interesting how America (not 'Mericuh) has four species of tapir and Asia just this one. What the hell is it doing all the way over there, ya know?

  2. Thanks. Tapirs are a very old species, like 50 million years or something. They were once world wide.