Monday, January 20, 2014

Burke Museum Paleo Day

Susan got us a day down in the bowels of the Burke Museum to sketch their paleo collection. Here's what I did.
Oreodont jaw in graphite

Macaque skull in graphite

Albertosaurus skull in ink

And here are some photos I took. It was such a cool day to see behind the scenes at the Burke. A little terrifying too to be near all those priceless items.
fossilized flower. So pretty.

Cast of an Albertosaurus skull

Front view of the Albertosaurus skull

Macaque skull

Upper jaw of the macaque skull

Complete macaque skull. - Abe had to help me put the jaw on because I couldn't figure it out

Adorable slow loris posed skeleton. Saw it at Mammal Day later next to a similarly posed taxidermy slow loris

Teeth of something I wouldn't want to bite me 

Oreodont teeth.

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