Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Natural Science Illustration

For the next while, I will be posting the drawings from my natural science illustration classes for Fall Quarter. Here's some information to orient you as I talk about my classes.
Susan Jones taught Introduction to Natural Science Illustration. We just learned about all the sorts of things NSI covers. We focused on small subjects like snails and trilobites.
Dr. Pat Weyer taught Zoological Illustration, which focused on invertebrates. Pat has a special focus on dolphins for a project she does every year in August.
Luckily, I also have 18 awesome classmates. We run the gamit of scientists and artists and it has been really fantastic to watch everyone's art improve over the quarter. At the beginning, there were a few standouts whose art you could always identify for its skill. But by the end of the quarter, we were all pretty fantastic. Everyone is very impressive. So get ready for some natural science art.

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