Sunday, September 2, 2012


On Friday, I left work early to go to the Seattle Aquarium with Abe and Jeff. We had a great time. I got to do some drawings. These aren't necessarily in the order I drew them.
Here's a little red octopus down the left side, an anemone, star fish, and some other weird fish on the right. Jeff won't like that I called it a star fish since it isn't really a fish. A sea star.
Here's their shy giant octopus and some jelly fish. Both were awesome, but the lady that works there said the previous giant octopus was way more outgoing. This one hides a lot. And the jelly fish are in a ring you can walk through with colored lights. Very cool.
This one is from the first tank with salmon. At the bottom are some sea horses from another tank. I wrote " Sea horses are much lazier than depicted in cartoons." It's so true.
Here are some sea otters and some river otters. River otters are much smaller and have pointier heads. The sea otters were really big. I got to watch them eating shrimp, grooming themselves, and then wrestling. They kept popping out of the water giving each other headlocks!
A sad looking Northern Fur Seal. The tank is bigger than it looks, I think, but they just swim in circles making them look sad and forlorn. At the bottom is more sea otters. They are so freaking cute with their mustaches.
On Saturday, we went to Jewel Box Cafe in Thornton Place and it was pretty good. I got the Smoked Salmon Crepe, without pesto, and it would have been great if they hadn't put cracked pepper all over the top. Anyways, here are some people. One of them is Abe.

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