Thursday, November 17, 2011

Undies and more!

So I haven't posted, but I kept drawing. Abe was working for the last two days so my scanner was unavailable. Because I am lazy and make Abe scan everything.
Lovely dress from ModCloth.
And of course sketches from Sartorialist.
 Not sure how this happened but I majorly elongated her.
And I was watching Psych, so I drew Shawn Spencer. Whenever I see him, I ogle his nostrils. Man, that show cracks me up.
Strong undies.
Dancing, romantic undies.
Dancing undies
Muscular undies.

And we are all caught up. Just thought I would mention I have the inks finished for my current comic in process A (CCIPA). Abe is scanning it as I write this. Then it needs to be printed so I can color it. Or I will color the originals. I don't know what is the best or most common method. Copic Markers. I am also working on a poem for CCIPB. It is rhymed and metered and I keep sending it to my mom and she says to make it better. She is a poet, so I trust her judgement. So keep working I shall.

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