Thursday, April 14, 2011

David Bowie

Ooh. Gone for a while, huh? Well, I was pretty sick. I have been drawing like mad the past week and a half, but it was all trying to catch up from being so sick I could barely watch TV for a week - coloring the lemmings story and carving the crows story. I am pretty excited for those. The crow pages are all carved and ready for printing.

So last night I got back into sketching with David Bowie - who I apparently suck at drawing.
Edit: I totally meant to include why David Bowie. I think he is the bees knees. Since watching the Labyrinth in grade school, of course. He had such sad eyes in that movie. I can't help but pity him (Jareth). He really just didn't know any better way. That scene in the end just gets me (not the dumb one at the very end that is so sesame street). And his voice - his singing voice is beautiful (to me). It draws pictures for me. Anyways, the Jareth sketches kept looking more Vulcan than like David Bowie. Stupid David Bowie and his face.
 I also did this funny little bunny picture while waiting for things to load on my computer at work. This might someday evolve into an actual drawing. :)

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